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If you seek professional mobile car detailers in London, look no further than Magic Touch Detailing.

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We offer a broad range of premium mobile car detailing services for either performance, vintage or prestige vehicles, as well as your general regular run-around. Our services cover detailing and paint correction that will leave your car looking sharper than ever. We are entirely mobile, and we can travel throughout London to both private and commercial clients. For further information or assistance with making a booking, call us today.

What We Do

Mobile Services

Ceramic Coating

Professional-grade ceramic coating is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage.

Paint Correction

The process of removing the imperfections in a vehicle’s finish and restoring it to a better than new finish.

Car Valeting

Thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of both the exterior and the interior using specialised tools, products, and skills.

An exceptional client experience throughout your cleaning

Why choose Magic Touch Detailing?

Mobile Detailers

Specialising in paint correction, machine polishing, car detailing & ceramic coatings for cars across London.


An immense catalogue of the UK’s premier brands of car care products and best-selling cleaning tools. 

Wide Variety

A wide range of professional car detailing treatments for the restoration and protection of your vehicle.

Mobile Packages

To make it simpler for you to decide which detailing treatments will suit your car and budget, Magic Touch Detailing offers three diverse service packages(plus a plethora of optional extras). You can learn more about our packages under the ‘Services’ menu item, and if you contact Magic Touch Detailing, Maciek will be thrilled to talk you through them.

From £40
  • Exterior:
  • – Wheel face, arches & tyres cleaned.
  • – Snow foam pre-wash applied, left to dwell & rinsed.
  • – 2 Bucket safe wash system with grit guards used to hand wash the body.
  • – Car rinsed, aqua coat applied to boost gloss & water repellant properties around the vehicle.
  • – Car hand dried using luxury soft towels/air blower.
  • – Glass polished.
  • – Tyres dressed.
  • Interior:
  • – Interior mats, carpets, seats vacuumed & dust extracted.
  • – Door cards, dashboard and surfaces wiped with interior cleaner.
  • – Surfaces polished.

90min approx

Large Vehicle – £45

From £60
  • Exterior:
  • – Back of the wheels & exhaust cleaned.
  • – Snow foam worked into the intricate areas using a soft detail brush.
  • – Engine bay & door shuts extensively cleaned.
  • – Chemical decontamination to remove iron fling & fallout.
  • – Wheel arches & engine bay dressed.
  • Interior:
  • – Full interior vacuum and dust extraction.
  • – Carpets/mats shampooed & imprinted.
  • – Surfaces cleaned with interior cleaner and polished.
  • – Spare wheel compartment cleaned.
  • – Air freshen.

120min approx

Large Vehicle – £65

From £140
  • Exterior:
  • – Tar dot removal from around the vehicle.
  • – All plastics dressed.
  • -Glass protected.
  • – Exhaust tips restored with metal polish.
  • – 3-6 months protection.
  • – Machine polishing
  • Interior:
  • – Headlining cleaned.
  • – Fabric seats shampooed & wet vacuumed to remove staining.
  • – Floor mats scrubbed, shampooed & left with our signature prints.
  • – All door cards and plastics are scrubbed to ensure all dirt is removed from the graining & dressed to protect that fresh finish.
  • – Hanging Air freshener to finish

150min Approx

Large Vehicle – £150


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Magic Touch Detailing offers a comprehensive range of professional mobile car detailing treatments to restore and protect paintwork, glass, wheels, engine bay, and interior. Select the treatment you desire and the application level according to your budget and your vehicle’s needs.

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